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This page contains songs in MP3 type format.  The purpose of this page are for demo reasons only, although open to the public, with free downloads available.  If you are a musician, a band, recording studio, radio program or would like to use the music on this site in any way that would produce income for yourself, then we’d like to discuss further options with you and or even sell the rights.  All music is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used for personal gain without prior written permission from the author.  We would like to talk to you so please send us a message or call.


Arise America Album:  These Psalms being the first Christian songs sung in America and taught to the Indians by the French Huguenots arriving in Jacksonville, Florida 1562.  We took the liberty to add rhythm and timing to these melodies for recording purposes. These songs are recorded both in English and in French. Click here to view more


Arise Africa Album:  Mickey Roman, author and producer of the music on this website, wrote the songs on this Album from his experiences as he traveled, conversed and befriended the people of these nations.  The messages in these songs contains the heart of Africa and its people. Click here to view more

Singles:  These Singles are professionally recorded.  To find more of these, go to the Video pages.

Christmas Time                              

      1. Click to listen/download Demo -Christmas Time


      2. Click to listen/ownload Demo - Credit


      3. Click to listen/download Demo - Diamonds

From the Storm                             

      4. Click to listen/download Demo - From the Storm

He’s to Me                                    

      5. Click to listen/download Demo - He's to Me

Hit Me Again                                 

      6. Click to listen/download Demo - Hit Me Again

Lil’ Sister                                        Click to listen/download Demo – Lil’ Sister               Soft Rock / Cross Over

Mataffin Muffin                                

      7. Click to listen/download Demo - Mataffin Muffin
               Soft Rock / Cross Over

Murder in the First                          

      8. Click to listen/download Demo - Murder

Ordinary Man                                 

      9. Click to listen/download Demo - Ordinary Man


      10. Click to listen/download Demo - Sonya
               Soft Rock

Take This Bread                             

      11. Click to listen/download Demo - Take This Bread


      12. Click to listen/download Demo - Voices
               Soft Rock


RAW:  These are our UNEDITED, RAW song recordings.  We have recorded it to capture the song fully as the inspiration for writing comes. To find more of these, go to the Video pages.

      13. Back Against The Wall


      14. Down The Suwannee


      15. Fanny Bought Me a Sweater
  – Country


      16. High Tech Hunter
  (Sporting Commercial, Jingle)


      17. In The Song of My Mind
 (Funeral Song) – Southern Gospel


      18. La Florida


      19. Touching Toes


RAW Songs in Video:

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