Deed A Day – Do a Deed for Someone Today!

Do A Deed For Someone Today!




1 John 3:18  “My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

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Deed-A-Day was born out of the need to show this generation how to do acts of kindness.

An unofficial definition of a good deed is“something that is done for another person’s benefit, usually inspired by a need for it, without expecting anything in return”

Jesus Christ, being the greatest example of a person who did good deeds, shows us the best deed ever done by being a living sacrifice on our behalf.  We read of this account in the Gospels.

Have you done something for someone today? No matter how small it may be, leave your reply here below and inspire the world by your example.  Or simply leave your definition of a good deed.  It might be the inspiration you need to DO A DEED FOR SOMEONE TODAY!

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3 thoughts on “Deed A Day – Do a Deed for Someone Today!”

  1. Me and my husband was traveling one morning to another city for a very important business appointment. With traffic catching up on us and the time ticking away slowly, we find ourselves with the possibly of being late for our appointment, especially as we realize that we were getting our directions mixed up. We pulled over at a gas station to pull out the computer to check mapquest. I went into the store as my husband worked on the laptop. When I came out, a lady approached me asking me to please help her as she is terrified of bugs and there is this huge grasshopper in her vehicle. “I know it sounds strange” she said, “but please help me to get the grasshopper out of my car so I can drive”. I thought to myself that this could easily be some kind of a scam and hesitantly walked over to where her vehicle was parked. Knowing that my husband overheard her plea for help, I felt more at ease. She opened the driver side of the vehicle and as I looked inside, low and behold, there really was a huge grasshopper flying over to the passenger side of the car. I asked for the keys, started the vehicle and electronically opened the passenger window. I took the piece of paper that was laying there and gently moved the big grasshopper out the window and quickly closed it again. The woman was absolutely enthralled. She was so happy that she hugged me, a complete stranger. By that time, my husband had his map and we went on our way. We ended up not even being late for our meeting and we are still talking about the grasshopper deed we did!

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